Sustainability is deeply rooted in all business segments

Inspired by challenge, we develop cutting-edge solutions for the power industry, and in doing so, we contribute to local manufacturing and energy sustainability of society. We are committed to empowering people, safeguarding the environment, preserving natural resources and community collaboration.

Održivost duboko utkana u svaki segment poslovanjaSustainability

The greatest challenge? How to win and stay responsible.

The expertise, knowledge and dedication of all our employees allows to lead the way in energy transition and decarbonization of the power sector in Croatia and worldwide.

As a regional leader in technological development, we are consistently developing new advanced solutions and business models that benefit the community and the environment. In addition to strong focus on the environmental aspect of our ESG strategy, corporate governance and the social aspects of our business are essential components of our operations.



We have been continuously working to improve energy efficiency and to expand self-supply from renewable energy sources. We design and develop green products with a commitment to circular economy. We consider the entire product life-cycle with a focus on recycling, reusing, and waste reduction.



We have been collaborating with the academic community for more than 70 years. In addition to awarding the best students, we run professional internships schemes and offer doctoral studies with application in industry. We also partner up with teaching institutions to co-organize study courses, and invest in lifelong learning and employee upskilling. Nearly half of our people take part in training and development programs. KONČAR Group cooperates only with those suppliers whose materials and components do not cause harm to people and the environment. We support our community through our sponsorship and donation scheme, corporate volunteering and promotion of inclusion.



We are committed to upholding the highest standards of corporate governance and transparency in our operations, which form the foundation of all our business activities. As we predominantly operate in highly regulated and competitive markets, occupational health and safety at work, human and labour rights, and environmental protection are top priorities for us. We have been aligning with and implementing these standards for decades. The right approach to ESG integration into operations allows us to leverage numerous opportunities for business and investment.

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Individuals and educational, cultural and sports organizations and clubs, as well as associations and organizations with a regulated legal status are eligible for donations and sponsorships.

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Sustainability Reports

KONČAR - Pioneer of non-financial reporting

In 2007, KONČAR Inc. joined the UN Global Compact, the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative, bringing together businesses, associations, and organizations. As a member of the Global Compact, we were one of the first companies in Croatia to align strategies and operations with universal principles of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption, and take actions that advance societal goals. In the 2021 Report, we aligned the material topics with significant changes in regulations, primarily in terms of the EU Taxonomy and the European Green Deal, which set out the principles for achieving economic sustainability and the obligation to publish relevant information on ESG factors. The list of material topics and corresponding ESG indicators was expanded, taking into consideration the expectations and requirements communicated by all stakeholders during the reporting period.

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