Champion of innovation and Croatia’s largest net exporter
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Croatia’s largest net exporter

With our solutions, experience, and expertise KONČAR spearheads the energy transition and drives the decarbonization of the Croatian and global power sector. We are constantly developing new advanced solutions and business models that benefit the community and the environment.

Champion of innovation and Croatia’s largest net exporter
100+ years of excellence
100+ years of excellence
Over our century of excellence, we have relied on vitality, innovation and competitiveness, to develop high-tech products for global markets. Today, we are a regional leader in power engineering and a top manufacturer of rail vehicles.
4,800+ people
Expertise & Synergy
5,200+ people
We employ over 5,200 people, with one third of them holding advanced degrees. People are at the core of our success, the scientists, engineers, technologists, shop-floor workers, their invaluable contribution is key to our successful operations.
Cutting-edge solutions
Cutting-edge solutions
Inspired by challenge, we develop cutting-edge solutions for the power industry, and in doing so, we contribute to local manufacturing and energy sustainability of society. We foster innovation as the key to the green transition.
What is our greatest resource? People.

What is our greatest resource? People.

“People are at the core of our success, their invaluable expertise, commitment and ambition is key to our successful operations. By recognizing and empowering talent, investing in training and development, we are building a team of experts that will effectively serve the needs and demands of our customers, and respond to the challenges of the modern market dynamics.”

- Gordan Kolak, CEO

Continuous investment in development and innovation

Continuous investment in development and innovation

Knowledge, experience and competencies are key factors in technical and technological development. Our development journey is truly fascinating – we started from profiling our factories, specialization, and decentralization in the development of a wide range of solutions, products, and services. We are now in the era of large-scale investment and development that positions us at the cutting-edge of global technology.

Quality and applied management systems

Quality and applied management systems

Dedicated to meeting the needs and expectations of our customers and stakeholders, we champion quality of our business management system, processes and resources, and we continuously work on improving them.

We have introduced management systems according to the requirements of internationally accepted standards. Through the interaction of these systems, we raise the quality and development of products and services, reduce environmental impacts and contribute to employee and partner health and well-being.


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The Management Board governs the overall business operations with the aim of achieving the defined strategic goals. It is appointed and recalled by the Supervisory Board, responsible for supervision of the  business management and decision-making in matters that are not within the competence of the General Assembly.

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