Revitalization of Haditha HPP in Iraq

We make a comeback to the Iraqi market by winning the revitalization agreement of the largest turnkey project developed by KONČAR in our first century of excellence.

In June 2022, we won an agreement with the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity for Haditha HPP revitalization project. This turnkey project developed by KONČAR in the 1980s, with the installed capacity of 6×128 MVA,  remains the largest hydropower plant we have developed to date.

Under the agreement, we will carry out a partial revitalization of generation units, replace part of MV and HV equipment, the entire plant management systems, the excitation system and the protection system, and perform an upgrade of mechanical subsystems and hydromechanical equipment. 

The project will be realized in a consortium with a local Iraqi partner under the authority of the Ministry of Trade. The deadline for the completion of the project is 1,230 days, or three years and four months, with a warranty period of one year for each stage upon commissioning.

Haditha HPP is the largest power plant we have contracted and developed to date, with a total value of $570 at the time of contracting.

The international tender for the development of Haditha HPP on the Euphrates River, 250 kn NW of Baghdad, was issued in October 1980. The turnkey project agreement was signed in Baghdad on 5 July 1981. The scope of the project encompassed the construction of the dam and complete hydromechanical, turbine and electrical equipment, including evacuation spillways above the engine room.

With subsequent adjustments by the investor, the generator's rated power was increased from 110 to 128 MVA. This necessitated the construction of a 400/132/11 kV TS, along with all auxiliary plants housed underground, and the implementation of an engine room designed to withstand direct aerial attacks.

A major part of the agreement pertained to our power engineering equipment. We contracted the manufacturing, transport, assembly, testing, and commissioning of six 128 MVA, 15.75 kV, 100 rpm generators, with excitation systems and busbar protection systems. We also delivered 10 main single-phase 85.3 MVA, 400/15.75 kV block transformers, and 10 83.4 MVA, 400/138/11 kV single-phase autotransformers. The scope of work also included three TS with 15 switchyards, a set of 400 kV and 132 kV plants with cable connections, protection systems for 400 kV and 132 kV plants, a diesel-generator plant for emergency power supply, computer control system, measurement and signalling equipment with automatic data processing, all internal power consumption equipment, grounding equipment, lighting, fire protection, and other necessary power equipment for seamless and reliable operation of the power plant.

Generator deliveries started in early 1985, with the final sixth generator delivered at the end of 1986. Each generator weighed 716.8 tons, with outer stator diameter of nearly ten meters. The sixth generator was commissioned at the beginning of May 1987.

The construction of Haditha HPP required a workforce of up to 3,000 people with diverse expertise, including over a hundred of our workers. This staffing scale underscores the large-scale and the complexity of the project.