A power transformer with the power of 50 MVA and the rated voltage of 110±10×1,4545%/20/ (6,3), manufactured by KONČAR – Distribution & Special Transformers Inc. has been installed and put into trial operation at the Knockalough wind power plant in the Irish county of Galway.
The new wind power plant will have 11 wind turbines and produce up to 45,000 megawatt-hours of electricity per year, which will be transmitted to the Irish distribution system operator ESB. That amount of energy is sufficient to supply electricity to more than 8300, or approximately 15%, of households in the county of Galway. The power plant is to be commissioned in March 2018.

D&ST has so far delivered 85 MVA, 2×12,5 MVA and 2×10 MVA power transformers to the Irish market as part of projects run by engineering companies from different countries. This is the first project based on a direct contract with an Irish client, a leading engineering company for the design, construction and commissioning of municipal and renewable energy production facilities in Ireland and Great Britain.