Earth Day

Today the world celebrates Earth Day, the day that numerous events dedicated to the preservation and protection of the environment take place.

The purpose of observing this day is to warn of the dangers that threaten life on Earth, the ecosystems and inhabited areas, amid industrial development, increasing energy consumption, global warming and climate change.

The first Earth Day took place on April 22nd 1970 on university campuses across the United States. This first mass demonstration concerning the environment issue brought together over 20 million people.

In Croatia, Earth Day has been regularly observed since 1990. Throughout the year, KONČAR Group takes various steps to foster the reduction of harmful effects on the natural environment, by, above all, taking responsible action with regard to the quality and safety of our products as well as other everyday activities.

In honour of Earth Day, KONČAR traditionally holds “Improve our environment” volunteering event the purpose of which is to make our factory headquarter grounds more green. For the past 5 years, we had 206 KONČAR employees participate in these events. Often those who are parents have their children accompany them in gardening, planting and landscaping activities. With the unexpected challenges and situations that we face every day and that strike the whole society, we are even more motivated at KONČAR to take action, to continue with the implementation of current projects and participation in a number of new ones. These projects, in cooperation with our business partners, associates and local community, contribute to achieving the energy efficiency and sustainability goals as well as the preservation and development of ecological stability.