KONČAR-MES special brake motors

At the end of April 2020, KONČAR – Small Electrical Machines (MES) delivered special brake motors intended for lifting winches on icebreakers. As part of the Baltic – Ice Breaker project, the company delivered special IEC280 electric motors with three gears and a brake. The motors will be used to power ship winches. Due to low temperatures and specific environmental conditions in which they will operate, the motors are constructed using exceptionally durable steel parts and high-level anti-corrosion protection. The motors were manufactured in accordance with the requirements and standards of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS).

Given that the motors will be installed in the equipment used to lift the anchor, the company applied a highly reliable, three-gear design (360/725/1475 rpm) in accordance with the customer’s specific requirements.

In order to increase the reliability of the motor drive, they were equipped with numerous accessories, including electromagnetic brakes produced by MES, thermal protection for the windings and sensors for monitoring the temperature of the windings.

Through this project, MES has once again proved that their team of experts can produce a top-quality product that meets all customer requirements and can operate in extreme conditions. KONČAR – MES can, thus, rightfully confirm its place among the world’s leading manufacturers of special brake motors for ships.