KONČAR – Distribution & Special Transformers (D&ST) has been present on the Spanish market for a number of years and it has recently expanded its activities from delivery of power transformers to delivery of distribution transformers.

Years of efforts focused on this market resulted in a three-year framework agreement with the electricity distributor I-DE Redes Eléctricas Inteligentes, electricity supplier to more than 11 million customers, across an area of 190,000 km2.

The agreement followed a demanding prequalification procedure, and D&ST has become one of the few approved suppliers of distribution transformers which entirely comply with the technical specification in accordance with the EU Ecodesign Directive.

The framework agreement includes the delivery of distribution transformers ranging from 50 to 630 kVA of power over a three-year period. The first deliveries started in November, after successful testing, which was video-monitored by the customer.

Even though today D&ST exports distribution and special transformers to almost 40 countries, new markets expansion additionally confirms the company’s excellence, and it represents a further challenge in its business activities.