An important determinant of KONČAR’s strategy is the creation of the company of knowledge based on the total intellectual capital. Due to increased demand for competitiveness, professional development of employees and efficient management of human resources are among the priorities of the organization. Regulation of labor relations and internal organization, KONČAR Group companies comply with applicable regulations, collective and individual agreements and protect human and civil rights, dignity and reputation of every employee.

KONČAR Volunteers’ Club is an informal club of KONČAR employees who, in their spare time, perform volunteer activities organized by KONČAR Group in accordance with the needs in various fields.

KONČAR supports sports activities of employees, business partners and family. Besides group activities on the Group level, most of the companies organize their own recreational and sports activities for employees as well as the usual recreational activities, several sporting events such as Christmas football tournament that has become a tradition. They are held regularly and attract a large number of people.

In many ways the implementation of activities and our retirees, veterans and employees involved in sports, culture and other similar activities are supported.
In accordance with the interests of employees, their families, pensioners, business partners and associates, numerous activities were organized throughout the year, and in this way it contributes to their quality of life and more meaningful life and free time.