KONČAR works interactively with scientific and professional community through identifying, defining and implementing a number of projects in which all participate as equal partners and encourages cooperation of scientific, educational and economic sectors. Also, special attention is given to the promotion of excellence throughout the education of young people, so prizes are given for the best students of various universities and colleges as well as awards for the best doctoral thesis with applications in industry.

In addition to supporting individual athletes, we support activities and clubs that bring together amateur athletes of all ages in less commercial sports. For years our name is carried by some of the most awarded Croatian clubs, namely: Shooting Club “KONČAR Zagreb 1786”, KONČAR Canoe Club and Chess Club KONČAR.

As a socially responsible company, KONČAR has been engaged in the activities of wider social importance and is committed to the preservation of cultural heritage and other natural and historical sites. Each year we support a number of cultural projects, and also initiatives and organizations that bring together members of community with mobility impairments or other specific needs.