With its daily business and production activities KONČAR consistently adheres to the principle of corporate social responsibility (CSR). The starting point is the fact that the company must take full responsibility that goes beyond just economic interests.

Corporate social responsibility approach puts a special emphasis on taking care of people, the environment and all aspects related to the protection and preservation of natural resources, as well as collaborating with the community.

We have established an environmental management system and achieved important results in waste and energy management. We continuously plan, implement, check and evaluate the effectiveness of entrepreneurial activities related to environmental protection. We use modern processes and technologies to improve energy and water efficiency and reduce harmful emissions into the environment.

Corporate social responsibility relies on people as company development holders, because motivated and trained employees whom company allows to evolve in parallel with are important for success. As a socially responsible company we nurture rich and diverse cooperation with the immediate and wider community, and the interaction increases interconnectedness.

We are proud of the results, research and development, new markets and products, and everything that makes a company successful, we also considered social responsibility as one of the categories contributing to these results.