contract signing in Liepaja, Latvia

Liepāja Tramvajs have signed a contract with KONČAR – Electrical Vehicles for the production and delivery of six low-floor tramways for the public transport in Liepāja, Latvia. KONČAR – Electric Vehicles were selected as the supplier in a public procurement negotiation procedure with prior notice for the delivery of 100% low-floor electric tramways for a 1000 mm track gauge. The process enabled an equal participation of more bidders.

The client is Liepājas Tramvajs, which funds this project from EU funds and own resources.

KONČAR – Electric vehicles has many years of experience in providing technical solutions of 100% low-floor tramways and electric multiple units as well as diesel-electric multiple units, which was of utmost importance for the customer.

The contract was concluded for the delivery of six tramways, with the option of delivering eight more from the same source of financing. The first tramway will be delivered within 24 months, and all vehicles within 36 months of signing of the contract.

The tramways for which the contract was signed are based on modern technical solutions and modern design. They are air-conditioned and equipped with video surveillance and a passenger information system. The vehicles are 100% low-floor, with no axles, adapted for people with mobility problems and those in wheelchairs.