Completed installation of generators

With the commissioning of the first and then the second aggregate test work, hydroelectric power plant (HE) Plave 1 most of the supply, installation and testing of equipment was completed. For this hydro power plant in the Republic of Slovenia, KONČAR has delivered two synchronous generators, each with 11 MVA power, as part of reconstruction and renewal, with its excitation systems and generator monitoring. The manager and coordinator of all the work at this facility was KONČAR -Power Plant and Electric Traction Engineering, and partners KONČAR – Generators and Motors, KONČAR – Electronics and Informatics and KONČAR – Electrical Engineering Institute.

An integral part of the contract was the dismantling old equipment and the installation of new ones with the testing and commissioning of the generators, the excitation system,  the turbine and generator cooling system, the outboard equipment and zero generator point, as well as the generator monitoring.