An 80 MVA transformer manufactured by KONČAR – Distribution and Special Transformers (D&ST), with transformer turns ratio of 132±12×1,53%/68 kV, is ready for delivery to a new customer in Spain. The customer is one of Spain’s distribution companies, owned by an Italian energy group. The transformer was successfully tested at the end of 2021, and will be installed at the Nueva Celulosa Transformer Station, built as part of the project of expansion and enhancement of the power grid in the Motril industrial zone of Granada. Granada’s most important economic activity, aside from tourism, is greenhouse production of vegetables and fruits, therefore the customer required installation of a bird protection net around the transformer cooling unit.

The project’s unique feature is the Product Carbon Footprint (CFP) Verification Statement – the first ever awarded to D&ST medium power transformers. The transformer successfully passed the carbon footprint audit conducted by the Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) certification company in February. A CFP study was made by SGS in 2021 in collaboration with D&ST, in accordance with the ISO 14067:2018 standard, which provides principles, requirements and guidelines for quantifying and reporting on product carbon footprint.

The study provided D&ST with a means of calculating and consequently reducing the carbon footprint of its products. ISO 14067 standard is part of a series of ISO 14060 standards related to quantifying, monitoring, reporting and validating GHG emissions, adopted in support of sustainable companies committed to reducing their carbon footprint.