Power Generation Centre West

Following a technical inspection, HEP-Generation put its Power Generation Centre West into trial operation. The Centre is located in Senj HPP and it is used to carry out control, management, operational planning and reporting activities for all ten hydro power plants within the HPP West generation area.

In order to enable the exchange of data with the Centre, the operational systems of almost all of the hydro power plants were upgraded. The activities performed at the Centre also include the collection and processing of data from local meteorological, hydrological and piezometric stations.

The central part of the new system is KONČAR’s PROZA NET SCADA system, while other implemented applications manufactured by KONČAR include the operational planning applications (inflow prediction, timetable and flow simulation), the PROZA AGC system for automatic generation control and the MARS meter reading system. These systems, along with the reporting applications and databases, form part of KONČAR’s integrated solution for power generation centres in river basins.

The Power Generation Centre West is the third hydro power generation centre in Croatia implemented by KONČAR – Power Plant and Electric Traction Engineering.