Laboratory for physical and chemical testing

The risks of malfunction and large expenses arising from the maintenance of electrical equipment may be reduced through timely control of materials. For over 50 years, electrical insulation materials have been tested at the laboratory for physical and chemical testing at KONČAR – Electrical Engineering Institute Inc.

In order to ensure the quality of the end product it is crucial to control the quality of the production materials. Materials are tested prior to their use in the production process in order to verify whether they comply with specifications and whether they are appropriate for the intended use, and also to control the supplier and their production process.

Although the above mentioned laboratory specializes in materials used for the production of transformers, other materials are also tested there, and the laboratory is accredited in accordance with the HRN EN ISO/IEC 17025 standards.

When substituting the existing or introducing new materials, it is recommended that, along with the testing of physical and chemical properties, additional tests be conducted, such as the material compatibility test, oil resistance test and accelerated aging test, since the use of untested materials increases the risk of large expenses due to equipment malfunction.

Along with physical and chemical properties, it is advisable to test mechanical and electrical properties as well, in order to get full information on the material and its behavior when exposed to certain environmental conditions (oil, high or low temperature, moisture etc.)