In July and August, KONČAR – Power Plant and Electric Traction Engineering Inc. (KET) signed two contracts with HEP – Distribution System Operator (HEP – ODS) for the reconstruction of distribution substations.

The contracts were concluded for the reconstruction of the 35kV and 10(20) kV facilities in the 110/35/10(20) kV substation “Slavonski Brod 2” and the reconstruction of the 35/10(20) kV substation “Orehovec”.


Alongside KET, the following companies within the KONČAR Group will also take part in the above mentioned projects: KONČAR – Switchgear Inc., KONČAR – Medium Voltage Apparatus Inc., KONČAR – Low Voltage Switches and Circuit Breakers Ltd., KONČAR – Electronics and Informatics, and KONČAR – Instrument Transformers Inc.