presentation and delivery of KONČAR's tram for the city of Liepaja in atvia

Today, the first 100% low-floor electric tram left KONČAR – Electric Vehicles’ factory, making its way to the city of Liepāja in Latvia, where it will be used for public transport. Prior to delivery, the first tram was presented at a ceremony attended by Milan Bandić, Mayor of the City of Zagreb, Gordan Kolak, M. Sc., President of KONČAR’s Management Board, Ivan Bahun, PhD, Deputy President of KONČAR’s Management Board and President of KONČAR – Electric Vehicles Inc.’s Supervisory Board and Josip Ninić, President of KONČAR – Electric Vehicles Inc.’s Management Board. This is the first of a total of twelve KONČAR’s trams for Latvia and their manufacture has been defined under two agreements.

The cooperation began in November 2018, after signing the agreement on the delivery of six low-floor trams, with a possibility of delivering additional vehicles once the necessary funds have been provided. In late August 2020, the company Liepājas Tramvajs provided funds for six more trams and KONČAR was yet again entrusted with the task of their manufacture and delivery. The vehicles were co-funded by the EU as part of the Comprehensive Reconstruction of Tram Route and Adjacent Territory programme. The sixth tram (the last one from the batch under the first agreement) will be delivered in May 2021, while the batch of trams under the second agreement will be delivered between October 2021 and April 2022.

“The tram features KONČAR’s solutions for important subsystems, such as the main electric motor drive, auxiliary power supply, microprocessor control and communication technologies, body, bogies and other. It is equipped with an adjustable hydropneumatic suspension system, which allows the floor height to be adjusted depending on tramway tracks. The vehicle has an air conditioning system, video surveillance system and passenger information system. It is a 100% low-floor tram, without stairsteps at the entrance and with a flat floor along its entire length,” explained Josip Ninić, President of KONČAR – Electric Vehicles Inc.’s Management Board.

“The low-floor tram and all its important subsystems are a result of our own developments, in which numerous KONČAR Group companies have been involved. This agreement was preceded by a delivery of 142 low-floor trams for the City of Zagreb, valued at a total of over EUR 250 million. These trams were delivered to the City of Zagreb and ZET by KONČAR – Electric Vehicles as the Crotram consortium leader. Thanks to their support, we have been able to fulfil all the prerequisites for breaking into the demanding European market with a Croatian high-technology product. The delivery of trams to Latvia represents not only an extremely important reference for KONČAR, but also a great achievement in terms of Croatia’s exports. Our goal is not only to sell products, but also to establish partnerships important for producing good results during their use. By selling the trams and providing Liepājas Tramvajs’ staff with training, we will share new knowledge and modern technologies, which will surely lead to a long-term partnership,” stated Ivan Bahun, PhD, Deputy President of KONČAR’s Management Board and President of KONČAR – Electric Vehicles Inc.’s Supervisory Board.

Milan Bandić, Mayor of the City of Zagreb, pointed out that, at his initiative, in cooperation with KONČAR, the consortium leader, with Đuro Đaković and Gredelj as partners, the project of manufacturing 140 TMK 2200 low-floor trams started in 2005, which was completed by 2010.
“We have announced that 60 more low-floor trams will be manufactured for public transport purposes, with the aim of increasing the energy efficiency of tram transport in Zagreb and achieving energy savings of up to 30%. I hope that an agreement between the Government, the City and KONČAR’s Management Board will be reached soon, so that this procedure could be initiated as well,” said the Mayor. He also added that “today’s dispatch of the new low-floor tram to Latvia represents a victory for KONČAR, the City of Zagreb and Republic of Croatia. This is the first time that our trams are leaving Croatia and breaking into the EU market. I would like to thank everyone involved in this praiseworthy project,” said the Mayor, expressing his delight after a job well-done.