The fifth UNICEF Milky Way Run, a humanitarian race for children with disabilities, ended on Sunday, 12 September. Due to COVID-19 prevention measures, this year’s race was also held virtually, but nonetheless united the entire Croatia once more.

The Milky Way Run is a traditional humanitarian race and the central event is organised by UNICEF Croatia under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Croatia and the Government of the Republic of Croatia, in cooperation with the Ministry of Labour, Pension System, Family and Social Policy.

The goal of the race is to collect as many symbolic ‘kilometres of opportunities’ as possible for children with developmental disabilities by walking, running or cycling.

KONČAR UNICEF Mliječna staza 2021

During the ten-day race, over 6,200 registered participants, among which 62 company teams and 62 association, school and kindergarten teams, collected  216,000 symbolic kilometres of support all over Croatia. All of them shared the same goal – to make children with disabilities children with opportunities.

KONČAR is famous for having a team active in sports and recreation. When humanitarian causes call, we are always eager to put in the extra mile.

As many as 112 employees from 13 KONČAR companies actively participated in this year’s race. By achieving a record-breaking 11,811 kilometres for children with disabilities, KONČAR ranked first among company and association teams. Over those ten days, the employees encouraged each other by exchanging messages of support through the mobile application, motivating one another to keep going. Their enthusiasm has generated great results.

The funds collected in this year’s race through participation fees and additional donations will be invested by UNICEF in establishing and expanding group psychosocial support and day-care services, places where children with disabilities and their families receive support by experts, such as social workers, nurses, speech therapists, psychologists, and other therapists. A portion of the funds will also be invested in introducing high-quality support programmes for parents. The assistance will go towards the areas where it is needed the most – parts of Croatia where such expert services are currently not available or are limited.