In late September, the inaugural contract for the Swedish distribution system operator Vattenfall Eldistribution AB worth HRK 63 million was signed. The contract was signed by Ivan Tomšić, Member  of  KONČAR – Power Plant and Electric Traction Engineering (KET) Management Board.

The scope of the project is a very complex reconstruction of the 130 kV plant at the transformer station TS 220/130/70/20 kV Finnslatten in Västerås, near the Swedish capital of Stockholm.

This contract is the result of three years of focused performance and sales activities of KET in the Swedish market through market analysis and complex pre-qualification procedures with key customers, while serious bidding commenced late last year.

It is important to point out that this major contract in the field of transmission and distribution was won among strong competition of renowned local companies. While complying to exceptionally high standards, the customer has conducted a pre-qualification procedure for a project of strategic importance for power supply of the industrial zone and priority customers. Special emphasis was given to occupational health and safety, compliance of business processes with quality monitoring and environmental protection systems as well as detailed vetting of all project team members.  Qualified bidders participated in the public tender in line with the local legislation and in Swedish language.

Following the bid opening, several phases of technical negotiations and presentations of solutions ensued, with the customer selecting KET as the most favorable bidder.

The project of reconstruction of TS 220/130/70/20 kV Finnslatten, which is to be completed in mid-2023, includes a complex intervention of replacing the outdoor air-shielded 70kV plant with a new 130kV plant. The sophisticated reconstruction will take place in 11 phases, and it includes preparation of design documentation, supply and replacement of HV primary equipment, secondary equipment, auxiliary systems, construction of a new control building, as well as necessary construction works and functional tests, commissioning and maintenance during the warranty period. Additionally, the contract provides for the procurement and laying of 145kV cables and other equipment for the purpose of connecting a priority customer with along a 4 km route.

Apart from parenting up with a local subcontractor for construction works, KET will fully rely on its in-house experts for project management, design, and system engineers for secondary systems and electrical installations.  KET’s focused systematic approach and presence in the market will be supported by the establishment of a subsidiary, which will carry out local implementation of this and all future project in Sweden.

Growing activities in the Swedish market have been certainly boosted by the latest selection of KET as the most favorable bidder for the project of reconstruction of secondary protection, management and SCADA systems for the Swedish transmission system operator Svenska Kraftnät. This very advanced and reputable project for the reconstruction of secondary systems at 400kV and 220kV transformer stations assures the quality, professionalism and expertise of our employees in sales and realization of sophisticated projects in the EU market.