Yesterday, on 11 October in Otočac, Končar – Engineering Ltd. and Male hidre d.o.o signed an agreement for the construction of the small hydro power plant Otočac (SHPP Otočac). The plant is an auxiliary power facility that will enhance the power usability of the river Lika, which feeds the existing HPP Senj. The plant is designed with 1.5 MW connection power and will comprise three independent 500 kW power generation units.

Each power generation unit will consist of a permanent magnet generator, a variable-speed turbine and a static converter for grid connection. The generator and the turbine are the result of an R&D project co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund that resulted in the development of new, eco-friendly products that can be recycled after the end of service life and their operation will not pollute the environment even in the event of an accident. Developed and tested in simulated conditions, this original technical solution uses nanotechnology and also includes a newly-developed continuous remote-control system.

The product is designed for the global low-head hydro power market, where there are no large dams or water reservoirs, eliminating any adverse environmental impacts.  Most of the components, such as the generator, static converter, control system, transformer and switchgear, will be manufactured by KONČAR, and the rest of the equipment will be manufactured in the local market. This type of solution is ideal for future hydro power projects with a dozen or so generators on a low dam or bridge, such as Zagreb on the River Sava project.

Research and development of a submersible generator for low-head hydro power plants allows for greater use of hydro power with minimum environmental impact. This is one of the many ways in which KONČAR contributes to the green transition and one that will boost market share in this business segment.