We are proud to announce that KONČAR has been ranked No. 1 net exporter by the weekly business magazine Lider, following an analysis of the top Croatian companies by total net exports. Parts of the article are cited below, while the link to the complete article is available below (in Croatian).

“To see who the biggest exporters are, we added up the export results by groups. This type of ‘export consolidation’ is much closer to the actual consolidated results because revenue (and newly created value as well) usually involves a deduction of intra-group sales from the aggregated revenue.”

“Such deductions are not done when it comes to exports. The only drawback is not analysing entire groups but considering instead only the top 200 companies appearing in Lider magazine’s annual ranking lists. When imports are deducted from these export results, KONČAR emerges as Croatia’s biggest net exporter in the last decade, whose seven companies included in our ranking lists generated just shy of 1.5 billion euros of ‘pure’ exports…”

complete article from business magazine Lider