KONČAR – Power Plant and Electric Traction Engineering has delivered PROZA NET integration platform to Taiwan as part of „Renewable sources integration with the use of IEC 61850 Protocol“ pilot project.

The project is financed by TPC – Taiwan Power Company that partners up with TPRI – Taiwan Power Research Institute, in research projects on smart grid development.

PROZA NET integration platform is recognized by researchers and engineers in the far East as a contemporary platform aligned with international cyber security standards (IEC 62443). It also holds an international communication protocol standard for intelligent electronic devices in smart grids (IEC 61850).

Taiwan Power Research Institute has been working on projects to integrate 20 per cent of generation capacity from renewable sources into the national power grid by 2025.

Taiwan’s energy grid functions as an energy island, without connection to the continent. Currently, generation is based on four nuclear power plants set for decommissioning, which has prompted intensive investments into renewables and their integration into the national grid.

The pilot project is based on PROZA NET platform which enables integration of various distributed power plants and their connection to the central system using IEC 61850 standard.

Apart from PROZA NET delivery and licensing the project included remote training of system engineers at TPRI and TPC.