KONČAR tree planting campaign 2022

To mark the Earth Day, April 22, KONČAR performed a large-scale tree-planting campaign in the area of Grubišno Polje.  During the initiative, which took place on 11 April 2022, about thirty volunteers gathered from almost all KONČAR companies and, using specially equipped drones and assisted by experts from Projekt O2, dropped 5000 seed bombs over an area of 10,000 m2. The seed bombs contained easy-sprouting seeds of indigenous, non-invasive species.  The dominant species was pedunculate oak, followed by beech, sycamore and birch. The seed bombs also had other contents intended to help the growth of seedlings.

KONČAR crew was first familiarized with Projekt O2, more specifically about the importance of tree-planting in the context of reducing carbon footprint. They had the opportunity to make the seed bombs themselves, which were later dropped by drones over the designated area.

KONČAR Group largely bases its operations on a tradition of community and environmental responsibility, celebrating Earth Day for years, through various activities. This year’s Earth Day, themed Invest In Our Planet, took on added significance as the company, having entered its next century of excellence, pledged an even greater emphasis on social responsibility.