KONČAR - Instrument Transformers

At the end of 2019, representatives of the Lithuanian transmission system operator and their partner company attended another one in a series of this year’s transformer testing and acceptance procedures at the premises of KONČAR – Instrument Transformers Inc. (KMT).

As part of the integration of the EU market into the most connected, the most competitive and the most sustainable energy market in the world, Lithuania is preparing for the synchronization of the Baltic States’ power grid with the power system of the continental Europe.

The power system of the Baltic States is currently asynchronously connected to continental Europe through the LitPol link between Lithuania and Poland and to the Nordic Synchronous Area through the NordBalt link between Lithuania and Sweden and the Estlink 1 and 2 between Estonia and Finland.

For the purpose of this project, in 2019, KMT in cooperation with their Lithuanian partner delivered 105 current and 46 voltage transformers with the voltage level of 123 and 362 kV, which are intended for 330 kV and 110 kV substations Ignalina and Utena.