Today, on 24 January 2022, the regional electrical industry leader, KONČAR Group, celebrates its 101st anniversary. On the back of a year of historic breakthroughs and record performance, we have kicked off our second century of excellence by setting up a new company, KONČAR – Digital, and taking on another mission – strengthening our support for those in need. As is our tradition, we celebrated another birthday by making a special donation, this time to the Club of Parents of Premature Babies “Palčići”. A portion of the HRK 50,000 donation will be used for purchasing a phototherapy blanket for Našice General County Hospital and the rest will be channelled towards the needs of maternity wards in Slavonia.

The business year 2021, in which KONČAR Group also celebrated its centenary, ended in the best possible way – with historic breakthroughs on markets across the globe and a new vision of a more sustainable, greener and more socially responsible future. Moving forward to our second century of excellence, we want to engage with the community and share all our success even more, especially with those in need. In fact, environmental protection and social responsibility are the fundamental values and key elements of KONČAR Group’s corporate identity. Therefore, we celebrated our 101st birthday by donating an association which we have supported in the past as well.

“Throughout its history, KONČAR Group has also relied on the support of the community in which we operate, live and grow. It is this firm bond that drives us to achieve excellence in everything we do, as well as to share and to participate in many social responsibility projects and activities on a regular basis. We are delighted to be able to help those who really need our support, especially the youngest among us. Ultimately, it is them we are building our country’s future for. Last year, to celebrate our centenary, we donated HRK 100,000 to Topusko Secondary School, located in the area that had been struck by an earthquake. This year we are yet again supporting the work of an association we greatly appreciate – the Club of Parents of Premature Babies ‘Palčići’,” said Gordan Kolak, KONČAR CEO.

“Palčići” launched their charity work in March 2012. So far, they have raised HRK 15 million in donations exclusively for medical devices saving premature babies’ lives. Such devices have been provided to 30 maternity wards and neonatology departments across Croatia, including the smallest ones. KONČAR Group has also contributed to these efforts after the devastating Zagreb earthquake, by donating funds to “Palčići” for the purchase of a new incubator for University Hospital Merkur.