S/S Lovran, Croatia

KONČAR – Engineering Co. for Plant Installation & Commissioning (KMI) has successfully completed the replacement of the primary and secondary equipment, along with the construction works on the control building of the Lovran substation.

The works were performed for the Croatian Transmission System Operator (HOPS), Transmission Area Rijeka, and they were completed within the agreed time frame.

The Lovran substation is of utmost importance, being the only 110 kV link between Istria, which is a significant tourist region, and the rest of Croatia.

The contract included the delivery of primary and secondary equipment, as well as construction and electrical installation works, testing and commissioning, all with the aim of replacing the outdated technology and separating a part of the auxiliary facilities between the Croatian Transmission System Operator and the Croatian Distribution System Operator.

The 110 kv substation consists of the main and the auxiliary busbar system. It comprises two line bays, two transformer bays and a connection and measurement bay.

Several companies from the KONČAR Group participated in this project. KONČAR – Power Plant and Electric Transport Engineering Inc. delivered the secondary equipment, manufactured the secondary equipment cabinets and tested and commissioned the new control, signaling and protection system, KONČAR – Electronics and Informatics Inc. delivered, tested and commissioned the new 220V and 48V DC systems, while KONČAR – Switchgear Inc. delivered 110 kV disconnectors and the corresponding electric motor drives.