New laboratory officially opened and special donations made

The Laboratory for Power Systems and Drives was officially commissioned today at KONČAR to mark the 102nd anniversary of the company. This high-tech testing complex, one of only a few such facilities that currently operate in the world, is a vital part of the Laboratory Centre at KONČAR – Electrical Engineering Institute. The Laboratory Centre consists of nine laboratories internationally accredited for nearly 700 testing and calibration methods. The construction works on this unique laboratory were launched in July 2021 and the €7 million investment is fully financed from KONČAR’s own funds. The official opening was attended by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure Oleg Butković who commissioned the new laboratory, and KONČAR’s key domestic business partners.

KONČAR - The Laboratory for Power Systems and Drives

The laboratory is crucial for the continuity and development of high-voltage equipment testing. Its high-tech features and state-of-the-art equipment allow it to join the exclusive group of only a few laboratories in the world that are able to conduct special high-voltage and other power, mechanical and climate testing. Besides responding to the needs of the domestic power engineering sector and strengthening cooperation with the scientific community, KONČAR’s new laboratory will drive the expansion of existing international collaborations and strategic partnerships, and additionally build up the global recognition of KONČAR and the Republic of Croatia. The laboratory will serve both domestic and international customers and it will conduct type, special and development tests of power and instrument transformers, circuit breakers, disconnectors and earthing switches, shielded gas insulated high-voltage plants, conductor and support insulators, overhead line and suspension equipment, high-voltage cables and HVDC cables.

The facility will centre around a high-voltage laboratory, completely enclosed by Faraday’s cage, measuring 30×35 meters in floor plan and 28 meters high. The facility will house three main newly acquired testing systems – 1200 kV AC source, 1200 kV DC source and 3.8 MV shock generator. The 1200 kV, 960 kVA transformer test equipment, constructed in one stage procedure, instead of the usual cascade design procedure, will be developed and delivered by KONČAR – Instrument Transformers, which is just one of the many special features of the new laboratory.

KONČAR - commissioning the new laboratory, Oleg Butković

Addressing the audience at the laboratory opening, KONČAR’s CEO Gordan Kolak emphasized that the investment cycle focused on investments in new equipment and machinery will continue. “Long-term investments in R&D, which are the cornerstone of profitable business, and which create added value, contribute to the stability and further growth of the Group. KONČAR plans to invest more than €60 million this year, and a large part of this amount will be directed towards environmentally friendly products in power engineering, development of components and equipment for battery and hybrid trains, and projects in digital technologies”, Kolak pointed out.

The Laboratory Centre and the Certification Department (SCERT) within KONČAR – Institute are globally renowned for their adaptability, expertise and one stop testing approach, and this is the result of accreditations obtained from the Croatian Accreditation Agency, the accreditation as a notified body for relevant EU directives and membership in the Certification Body Testing Laboratories, the exclusive group of the world’s leading laboratories.

KONČAR Day has traditionally been an occasion for a special donation in support of organizations from the wider community. This year, KONČAR marks its 102nd birthday with donations made to beneficiaries in the areas of special state concern. A donation was made to the General Hospital Gospić for the purchase of equipment for the paediatric unit and towards the humanization of children’s hospital stays. In addition, funds were donated to NGO Pčelice, an association which works to improve the quality of life of children with developmental disabilities, by providing medical and social care in Gospić.