The KONČAR Day and the 98th anniversary of the company were celebrated today at the KONČAR headquarters.

Under the slogan “an investment in people is the best investment”, the traditional KONČAR Award was presented to the best students of the Zagreb University of Applied Sciences. The Award was established in April 2003, and each year it is presented to the most successful students of Electrical Engineering, Computing, Information Technologies, Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering at the Zagreb University of Applied Sciences during the previous academic year. This year a total of eleven students received the Award.

As part of the KONČAR Day, a donation is also made to an educational, cultural, scientific or social cause. This year, the donation was made to the school of science and mathematics – V. gimnazija in Zagreb, for the purchase of necessary school equipment.

One of the top schools in Croatia, V. gimnazija was attended by numerous renowned artists, athletes, scientists, businessmen and politicians. At the beginning of 2019, V. gimnazija marked its 80th anniversary, and on that occasion the school launched the campaign “Five for the Fifth”.