KONCAR CLOOS robot welding station

In line with our strategy, KONČAR has continued investments in its production processes, with the aim of improving product quality and competitiveness. The dynamics in global market has changed significantly and customers are demanding greater product quality. Naturally, this affects all companies and manufacturers in the supply chain. In response to such trends, one of KONČAR Group members, specialized in the manufacturing of welded components for power supply, transport and industry sectors, has been constantly investing in and developing its welding technology. In February this year, the company completed an investment in refurbishing a welding portal which had been operating for more than 15 years.

The investment involved a complete refurbishment of the existing automatic submerged arc welding (SAW) machine. This allowed the company to not only increase the productivity of welding and weld cladding of thicker and longer joints in a single run, but also to improve product quality and production process efficiency.

Moreover, the first CLOOS robot welding station, another significant investment, was recently commissioned at the manufacturing facility in Sesvetski Kraljevec, tripling the welding speed. More specifically, the robot can make three weldments in eight hours, allowing for a three-fold increase in productivity. It must be highlighted that welding quality and speed are consistent and without any deviations, as verified by NDT methods, which is extremely important for weld repeatability. The robot is operated in two shifts and besides transformer tank components, special components are also welded, such as those for trains, trams and generators. Another noteworthy project is planned to be carried out with a German partner, a purchaser of transformer tanks, whose robot station for production of various components will be set up at KONČARS’ facilities in a few months’ time. The goal is to explore the possibility of increasing our competitiveness by perfecting welding technology in manufacturing processes.