KONČAR Instrument transformers for Lithuania

At the end of 2018, KONČAR – Instrument Transformers Inc. (KMT) delivered 85 current, voltage and combined instrument transformers with the voltage level of 123 kV and 362 kV to Lithuania.

The end user is the Lithuanian transmission system operator, a long-time user of transformers manufactured by KONČAR – Instrument Transformers Inc. In addition to maintaining and developing the transmission system, the customer ensures the transmission of electricity for the Lithuanian power distribution company and coordinates the operation of power plants.

The customer is also responsible for the integration of the national power system with the European energy infrastructure and electricity market.

The delivered instrument transformers are intended for Kapsu, Tryskiu, Parovejos and Bitenu substations and are to be used to ensure power reserves in emergency situations. Pursuant to their agreement, during 2019, additional 12 current and voltage transformers with the voltage level of 123 kV are to be delivered to the Parovejos substation.