KONČAR – Power Plant and Electric Traction Engineering Inc. (KET) and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies (FEEIT) in Skopje have concluded an agreement on cooperation and donation of a PROZA NET SCADA system for the “Innovation and Technology Transfer Center” (INNOFEIT).
The agreement was signed as part of the MAKO CIGRÉ Conference in Ohrid by the Dean of FEEIT, Prof. Dimitar Taskovski, PhD and the President of the Managing Board of KONČAR – KET, Mišo Jurković.

The cooperation between KET and FEEIT includes the conducting of scientific research and development projects, and the use of each other’s specific expert knowledge, equipment and laboratories.

On that occasion, KET also handed over the PROZ NET SCADA system that will be used at the new FEEIT center. For the purpose of strengthening the cooperation between the university and the industry, FEEIT has established an “Innovation and Technology Transfer Center” (INNOFEIT) in order to make sure that their students are better prepared for their future in the industry. INNOFEIT is to be the center of interaction between FEEIT’s professors and students and their partners from the industry, who will entice networking and the transfer of technologies, and also encourage innovative ideas and, thus, promote economic development of companies, and the society as a whole. 

PROZA NET SCADA system is a multi-user, distributed software for the monitoring and control of objects and facilities in power systems. Its modular architecture satisfies the requirements for a high-quality system with a significant level of integration with external systems. Its major advantages are a high degree of reliability, flexibility and scalability. It can be used for different levels of monitoring and control, from local computers at a facility level, to real-time monitoring of large centralized systems used in control centers. The system can be used to manage facilities in the field of power energetics, gas, oil, industry, transport and water management. PROZA NET SCADA system has been completely developed at KET and is the result of their own knowledge and experience.