Dubrovnik Airport

KONČAR – Power Plant and Electric Traction Engineering Inc. (KET) have signed a contract for the construction of S/S2 and S/S3 substations to be built as part of the project of “Building the Infrastructure and Superstructure of Dubrovnik Airport”. The project is co-funded by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.
Dubrovnik Airport is supplied with electricity through two existing substations within its reach: S/S1 “Airport-east” and S/S2 “Airport-west”. During 2017, KET executed a contract for the reconstruction of the S/S1 substation “Airport-east”.

With the future development of Dubovnik Airport, the existing 10(20)/0,4 kV 2×1000 kVA S/S2 substation “Airport-west” will no longer meet the needs for power supply. In addition, given the importance of power supply for air traffic safety and the increasingly rigorous standards regarding the reliability and availability of airport power supply systems as per international and Croatian regulations, the existing TS2 substation must be expanded and equipped with more technologically advanced equipment.

The S/S3 substation will supply consumers at the eastern part of the airport. The substation will be fully remotely monitored and operated from a control room located in the TS1 substation.

Other companies within KONČAR Group will also participate in the execution of this contract with the delivery of the necessary equipment.