KONČAR - diesel-electric multiple unit

KONČAR – Electric Vehicles Inc. and the Croatian railway passenger transport operator have concluded a contract for the supply of diesel-electric multiple units which ensures the manufacturing of four new DEMUs. The trains will be funded through a World Bank loan. The new DEMUs will be manufactured on a unique 6112 and 7023 series train platform. The first DEMU was put into regular service on 15 February 2016. A 7023 series DEMU is a three-unit diesel-electric low-floor train. The train reaches a maximum speed of 120 km/h, and can transport 167 seated and 175 standing passengers.

The train consists of two drive units, each with a driver’s cab, and a central unit. It is equipped with four double-leaf doors, two wheelchair boarding ramps and bicycle space. Wide double-leaf doors enable a quick exchange of a large number of passengers, while the 60% tint on the windows ensures sunlight protection. The train is equipped with a state-of-the-art air-conditioning system, video surveillance and free WiFi for the passengers. Official train stations are announced via a passenger information system, which uses GPS data on train location to make audio and visual announcements.

New multiple units increase the quality of transport services, as well as reliability and availability of vehicles, while ensuring substantially lower operational costs and enabling an increase in train frequency and passenger numbers. New trains also contribute to reduced environmental pollution.

These four diesel-electric multiple units represent a continuation of the contract between KONČAR – Electric Vehicles Inc. and the Croatian railway passenger transport operator that was originally concluded in 2014.