Business skyscraper of KONČAR

KONČAR – Power Plant and Electric Traction Engineering Inc. (KET) has concluded contracts for two new projects in the field of distributed production in Croatia.

The projects include the work on wood biomass cogeneration plants in Županja and Virovitica.

These are turnkey projects, which include the preparation of detailed designs, as well as equipment delivery, installation and commissioning.

The contract includes connecting the power plant to the distribution grid and supplying medium voltage switchgear, a generator protection and excitation system, low voltage distributions for general and own consumption, a diesel generator unit, a control system and instrumentation and measurement systems. The main contractor is Đuro Đaković TEP, with whom KET has concluded a subcontracting agreement. Alongside KET, other companies within the KONČAR Group will also take part in the execution of the projects through equipment delivery, namely KONČAR – Distribution and Special Transformers Inc., KONČAR – Switchgear Inc. and KONČAR – Electronics and Informatics Inc.

The rated power of the plant in Županja will be 5,8 MWe, and the plant will supply a maximum of 4,96 MW to the grid, while the remaining power will be used for the plant’s own consumption. The rated power of the plant in Virovitica will be 3,4 MWw, with the maximum of 3 MW supplied to the grid.