river Aras, Iran

KONČAR – Generators and Motors Inc. (GIM) have signed a contract with the Iranian company Farab Co. for the delivery of two new vertical generators and the corresponding auxiliary systems.
This is the first contract concluded between GIM and the company responsible for constructing the Khoda Afarin HPP that is based on the BOT principle (“build – operate – transfer”).
The Khoda Afarin HPP is a new power plant that is being built on the Aras river, on the border of Iran and Azerbaijan, only a mile away from the world-famous 11th and 13th century bridges, known as the Khoda Afarin bridges.

The bridges connect the territory of Iran with the Azerbaijan territory of Nagorno-Karabah. As part of the contract, GIM will also be responsible for supervising the assembly, testing and commissioning of both generators. This contract is of great importance not only for GIM and other companies within the KONČAR Group, but also for the Group as a whole, given that it re-opens the Iranian market.