In the presence of a representative of the customer, KONČAR – Electronics and Informatics Inc. (INEM) successfully completed the factory testing of four static excitation systems for Al Massira and Daourat hydro power plants (HPP) in Morocco.

The excitation systems are intended for the two hydro power plants – Al Massira, a plant with two 64 MW power generating units, which was built in 1980, and Daourat, a plant with two 8.5 MW power generating units, which has been in operation since 1950.

Given that the existing excitation systems at the Daourat HPP will be converted to static excitation systems as part of this refurbishment, the contract also includes the delivery of new excitation transformers.

KONČAR – Electronics and Informatics is to provide surveillance over the dismantling of the old and the installation of the new excitation systems, as well as the design, delivery, testing and commissioning of the new excitation systems, while the consortium partner is responsible for the dismantling of the existing and the installation of the new systems.

Ten year ago, KONČAR – Electronics and Informatics, in cooperation with KONČAR – Generators and Motors, delivered four excitation systems for the same customer, which were put into operation at the Tanafnit and El Borj HPPs.