Laboratory Center at KONČAR - Electrical Engineering Institute

Before commissioning, reliability of power system components is being verified with a series of tests to determine compliance with the requirements of the relevant standards.

Dielectric tests are particularly demanding and the quality of the obtained results depends on measuring uncertainty that is on the characteristics of high voltage measuring systems, examiner qualifications, testing procedures and environmental conditions.

Laboratory Center at KONČAR – Electrical Engineering Institute is accredited according to the IEC 60060-2 standard for calibration of high voltage measuring systems for measuring DC and AC voltages up to 1000 kV and pulse voltages up to 2500 kV.

High voltage measuring systems are often large in size and mass, and transportation to calibration laboratories is not easy. On site laboratory calibration provides the best solution because it allows calibration under the exacts working conditions.

The Laboratory Center provides calibration services in Croatia and for international customers. For example, at the end of 2019 we carried out calibration services of a French measuring system for pulse voltages up to 2400 kV for the end user laboratory in Zurich.