History of KONČAR begins on January 24 in 1921 when the company Elektra was founded, which the same year became the property of Siemens group and operates under this name until the end of the Second World War. From 1946 to 1990 the company operated under the name of “Rade Končar”, as of January 1 1991 is organized as a joint stock company and operates under the name KONČAR – Electrical Industry.

The development from the workshop to the concern of the electrical industry is marked by the delivery of the first electric engine with lacquer wire (1930) and the first generator made by the company (1948), which is initiated the unstoppable development.

Today, the name of KONČAR is recognized around the world as well as being a synonym for high level of quality and reliability. Equipment and installations in more than 100 countries on all continents are proof of those properties and are lasting monuments to the achievements  of KONČAR Group.