An integral part of long-term business policy of the Group’ is reliance on products as a result of its own development. Management of KONČAR – Electrical Industry Inc. manages development on the basis of the adopted concept of strategic development areas in KONČAR Group. All of the decisions are in line with long-term development objectives, needs to develop new products, development of technology and available resources.

The strategic areas of development:

  • electricity production
  • substations and transmission of electricity
  • rail vehicles
  • renewable sources
  • advanced network and computer systems
  • information technology

Development activities are related to KONČAR – Electrical Engineering Institute and KONČAR companies’ technical offices, as well as the ongoing cooperation with educational and scientific institutions.

The most important development projects in the previous period:

  • low-floor electric and diesel-electric train
  • SF6 insulated switchgear
  • wind turbine
  • low-floor tram

The main features of research and development are:

  • proper research and development
  • scientific and research projects in cooperation with universities and other institutions
  • 90% of the products is the result of our own development
  • plant and equipment adapted to customer requirements
  • proper solutions for production technology