Revitalisation of the pumped-storage hydro power plant “Fužine”

/Revitalisation of the pumped-storage hydro power plant “Fužine”

As part of the hydro power plant refurbishment programme, HEP Generation – Hydro power plants and KONČAR – Power Plant and Electric Traction Engineering Inc. (KET) signed a contract for the revitalisation of the pumped-storage hydro power plant “Fužine”. KET has performed all the necessary works, including equipment installation and testing as planned, and the hydro power plant is ready to be put into trial operation.

The power plant is located 5 km southwest of Fužine and was built in 1957, with KONČAR being one of the original equipment suppliers.

The plant produces hydro power using a natural drop from an upper reservoir called Lokvarsko jezero to a lower reservoir, a man-made lake Bajer, and is also used to pump water from the lower to the upper reservoir. For this purpose, the engine room has been equipped with a power generating unit that has a motor-generator on its top, a Francis turbine in the middle and a centrifugal pump in the bottom.

Apart from replacing the old motor-generator whose power was rated at 4.8 MW / 5.0 MVA with a new motor-generator of an increased power, rated at 6.5 MW / 6.7 MVA, along with all the auxiliary systems, the contracted works included the delivery of some of the secondary systems (excitation, protection etc.) and the reconstruction of the guide mechanism for the pump of the power generating unit and the replacement of the turbine shaft.

Alongside KET, this project also included KONČAR – Generators and motors Inc. that delivered the motor-generator, KONČAR – Electronics and Informatics Inc. that supplied the corresponding excitation system, KONČAR – Electrical Engineering Institute, Inc. that delivered part of the monitoring system, KONČAR – Switchgear Inc. that supplied the generator voltage cubicles, and KONČAR – Engineering Co. for Plant Installation & Commissioning Inc., responsible for disassembling the old and installing the new equipment. The turbine equipment and works were delivered by a partner company from Slovenia.

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