Offshore transformers for a wind power plant in the North Sea

/Offshore transformers for a wind power plant in the North Sea

KONČAR – Power Transformers (KPT), a joint-venture of Siemens AG and KONČAR, has through an established business relationship with Siemens S.A. Spain concluded a contract with the Spanish utility Iberdrola for the delivery of two offshore transformers with the rated power of 400 MVA and the rated voltage of 245 kV to be installed in a wind power plant (WPP) East Anglia ONE, which is being built by ScottishPower Renewables in the United Kingdom (UK).

Furthermore, KONČAR – Distribution and Special Transformers (D&ST) has produced four auxiliary grounding transformers with the power of 5500 kVA and the voltage of 66/0.4 kV for Iberdrola.

The wind power plant is being built in the Norfolk County, in eastern England. It will be located in the North Sea, 43 kilometers off the coast of Suffolk, and is part of the UK’s plan to cover 15 percent of their energy needs from renewable sources by 2020. Contributing to this goal, this project, with a total of 714 MW of renewable wind energy produced by 102 wind turbines, will meet the needs of more than 500,000 households. The power plant is worth 2.5 billion pounds, and will start producing the first kilowatt hours in 2019.

In addition to particularly rigorous requirements for corrosion protection due to the operating conditions of a transformer located at sea, another peculiarity of this contract is the fact that the platform will be assembled onshore, i.e. in a Spanish shipyard.
Transformers will be placed in a closed transformer box, with an outside cooling system, and they will be completely assembled at the shipyard, then filled with oil and transported on the platform to their location at sea. Additional non-standard calculations were performed to ensure that the design of the transformers withstands possible stresses during sea transport.

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